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Study Abroad

Image by Hu Chen

3 Universities

Global logistics hub with high quality of courses in hospitality, Logistics,supply chain and maritime.


24 Universities

Study in renowned Australian colleges with a minimum of 2 years stay back to apply for work VISA.

Image by AC Almelor

13 Universities

Ultimate destination for technical studies. Ideal for masters education. No IELTS required.

New Zealand.jpg

12 Universities

Great place to study data science, Agricultural management, MBA and other management courses.

Image by Guillaume Jaillet

20 Universities

Ever green place to study and launch a career in almost all the industries. Immigration friendly VISA regime.

Image by Jahsie Ault

4 Universities

Gateway to Europe with good technical and management programs. Computer science programs are popular here.

Image by Nik Shuliahin

12 Universities

Unlimited opportunities for Medical and Engineering students. Great job offers post studies.

Image by Gleb Makarov

3 Universities

Schengen group country with extremely high quality of living. VISA process is simple and straightforward. 

Image by Xavier  Coiffic

1 University

Known for tourism and hospitality, commerce courses. Pay course fee only after VISA


Image by Tim Trad

7 Universities

The right place to study banking and finance. High skilled niche technical courses are well renowned.

Image by Ed Robertson

69 Universities

High demand for Nursing, Engineering and MBA graduates. Stay back has improved career prospects.

Image by Kamil Gliwiński

7 Universities

Great engineering and medical colleges to pursue a career in the EU.

Image by Yeo Khee

14 Universities

No IELTS required. Great place to launch a career in the EU. Study brewery management, Engineering or CS.

Image by A. L.

11 Universities

Russia is a good place to study Medicine. The expertise opens up prospects in the global healthcare industry.

Image by LSD for Society

2 Universities

Part of the EU, no IELTS required. Known for tourism, management, nursing and hospitality courses.

Image by Eugene Chystiakov

20 Universities

Ideal for launching a career in the EU. Great prospects in bachelors studies and Medicine.

Image by Priyank P

7 Universities

Upcoming tech capital of EU with highly recommended courses in CS, electronics and mathematics.

Image by Nick Cozier

9 Universities

Immigrant friendly country with good stay back option across all fields of study. 

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Gopi  S., Singapore

Good guidance by Pinnacle overseas team has helped me land a job in Singapore after studying for 1 year.  Thank you! 

Image by Jyotirmoy Gupta
Anjali M. , Canada

I thank Mr. Rahul for the wonderful experience for my Canada VISA. A very responsible institute. 

Paul J.jpg
Kempraj K. , Australia

Remarkable service. I found applying very confusing at first.  Thats when I approached Pinnacle. They helped me choose the right course. It was a smooth process all the way. 

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