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The country



  • Population  - 13 Lakhs

  • 5 cities

  • 1 Euro  = 79 INR

  • Minimum wage is 540 Euros/month

Key industries
  • IT

  • Electronics

  • Banking and finance

  • 7 Universities

  • IELTS 6.5

  • 9 months stay back period

  • Schengen zone

Stay back
  • Minimum 9 months for all students

  • Schengen work visa

Estonia is the a fast growing tech hub of the world. With a highly digitized approach towards governance and life in general, Estonia is the go to place to study IT, electronics and information systems. Students studying in Estonia can apply for EU work visa easily.


It is highly recommended to study the following courses to ensure a career in Estonia post studies. Please get in touch with us to know more.


Blockchain systems

Digital Manufacturing 

Cyber Security Engineering

Information Technology Law

International Law and Human Rights
Urban Studies

Interaction Design


 Get in touch with us to study the course of your choice.

  • Tallinn University 

  • Tallinn University of Technology 

  • University of Tartu 

  • Estonian Business School

  • Estonian Information Technology College 

  • Estonian School of Diplomacy 

  • Euroacademy 

  • Institute of Theology 

  • Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences 

  • Private School of Professional Psychology 

  • Tartu Academy of Theology 

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