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The country


TOEFL / IELTS not required

  • Population  - 11 Lakhs

  • 7 cities

  • 1 Euro  = 79 INR

  • Minimum wage is 870 Euros/month

Key industries
  • Tourism

  • Healthcare

  • Food processing

  • Supply chain

  • 20 Universities

  • IELTS not required

  • EU zone

  • Part time work allowed for students @ 40hrs/week

Cyprus is known as the jewel of the Mediterranean. An island which is famous for its beaches and tourists, it has a well developed hospitality industry. The healthcare sector is well developing too making it ideal to study nursing. Get in touch with us to get expert guidance from experienced team at Pinnacle overseas. Our senior team member has worked in Cyprus for more than 2 decades! Whatsapp us now or walk in tour office to know more.

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