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The country


IELTS not required

  • Population  - 6.7 crores

  • 38 cities

  • 1 € = 79 INR

  • Minimum wage is 10 € /hr

Key industries
  • Energy

  • Manufacturing

  • Transport

  • Agriculture

  • Tourism

  • No IELTS

  • French classes required

  • Min. 1 year stay back period

Stay back
  • Upto 2 years if the student is not taking any goverment assistance

France is a major player in the European union with a huge economy. It is a great place to study for international students as the population is very multicultural. A highly developed education system makes it ideal for students who can work in the global market.


It is highly recommended to study the following courses to ensure a career in France post studies. Please get in touch with us to know more.

  • Management

  • Medicine.

  • Geography.

  • Pharmacology.

  • Art History.

  • Linguistics.

  • Sociology.

  • European and Mediterranean Cultures.

  • Communication technology.


Get in touch with us to study the course of your choice.

Collège de Paris

EM Strasbourg Business School

Burgundy School of Business

Grenoble Ecole de Management

IPAG Business School

Kedge Business school

Le Cordon Bleu

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