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The country


IELTS required

  • Population  - 3.76 crores

  • 51 cities

  • 1 C$ = 54 INR

  • Minimum wage is 11 $/hr

Key industries
  • Service industry

  • IT

  • Healthcare

  • Mining 

  • 60 Universities

  • IELTS 6.5

  • 1 year stay back period

  • Minimum 2 years to apply for PR

Stay back
  • 1 year for 1 year program

  • 3 years for 2 years program

  • Post study work permit to apply for PR

Canada is the go to destination for studies and immigration. An immigration friendly PR and VISA regime makes this country attractive for international students. There is  a huge requirement for Nurses & Healthcare professionals. IT and cyber security are booming industries as well. Get in touch with us now to create a future in Canada. 


It is highly recommended to study the following courses to ensure a career in Canada post studies. Please get in touch with us to know more.

  • Nursing

  • Healthcare Management

  • Masters in Computer science

  • Masters in Data Analytics

  • PGDM in IT security


We have tie-ups with more than 50 Canadian universities. Get in touch with us to study the course of your choice.
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