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The country

Minimum wage ~1200 Sing.$/month

  • Population  - 56 lakhs

  • 1 Sing. $ = 56 INR​
Key industries
  • Hospitality

  • Computer science

  • IT

  • Healthcare

  • Data analytics

  • Supply chain

  • 34 Universities

  • IELTS is not mandatory for all courses

  • On the job training

  • Earn stipend as intern

  • Part-time work is allowed

Singapore is the one of the leading logistics hub and a key player in the global supply chain. This makes it an ideal location to study logistics, supply chain management, avaition and management courses. The engineering courses are well renowned as well. The highly developed city state has a massive tourism industry. Get in touch with us to study hospitality and hotel management with On-the-job training and stipend.  


It is highly recommended to study the following courses to ensure a career in Singapore post studies. Please get in touch with us to know more.

  • Information technology​

  • Supply chain and logistics management

  • Hospitality Management

  • Hotel management

  • Computer science

  • Data Analytics

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