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Study in UK

United kingdom has turned out to be a highly attractive destination for studying abroad. It has premium universities paired with a great job market. The new stay back period for student visa holders is for 2 years - i.e students have 2 years to find a job after course completion.

How to apply?

Student visa application is tedious and confusing. We at pinnacle Overseas simplify it and manage the entire flow from end to end. From counselling, course and university selection to offer guidance and visa processing. We provide methodical guidance to apply for UK scholarship.

What to study?

IT, computer science, digital marketing, data analytics, nursing and healthcare management are the most sought after courses as they have a massive demand in the job market. Students who study data analytics in England earn around 55000$/year. Study nursing in UK to make the best of the booming job market. UK is set to hire over 50000 nurses in the next few years. Developed countries across the world are hiring nurses at never seen before rates to deal with healthcare crisis.

Where to study?

We have direct tie-ups with top universities in UK. Pinnacle Overseas helps you pick the right course in the right university to ensure a solid foundation for your career.

Stay back and after studies job application

UK offers 2 year stay back for students across all skill levels. This means students have 2 years to find a job with work permit visa.

Contact us to study in top UK universities

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