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Study in Singapore

Course Name: Diploma In Building Services Management

Country: Singapore

Duration : 14 months (8 mo.s theory & 6 mo.s paid internship)

Internship : 6 months


Mega infrastructure projects managed by a single entity are on the rise. These include warehouses, factories, hospitals, hotels, multi-block apartment projects, construction projects etc. These projects and buildings need to be managed efficiently, maintained, upgraded and monitored by technical systems for a smooth operation.

Graduates will be able to acquire the latest techniques in construction, building management and automation, as well as update and upgrade themselves with the skills and knowledge in the various building systems.


1: English for professional communications – Prepares students with the necessary skills & knowledge in English language communication at workplace.

2: Building construction & science- Introduces students about building primary constructions.

3: Construction communications: Study about understanding construction plans, drawings & estimates.

4: Building services 1- Understand theories behind design, construction, operation etc behind intelligent building systems.

5: Building services 2 – Understand design, installation & operation of air conditioning systems in buildings.

6: Fire safety & workplace safety & health – Understand the application of fire safety & workplace safety measure & compliances.

7: Industrial attachment: 24 weeks – Provides students with an opportunity to work in a related industry, thus expanding their theoretical knowledge into much needed practical one.

Job opportunities:

1. Project management

2. Building management systems manager

3. Construction management

4. Government Smart cities and private mega projects management.

5. Hospital management

6. Smart systems management


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