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Studying abroad 2021 -2022

2022 January intake

What can students do to study abroad during the pandemic?

With the pandemic striking almost all countries hard, university schedules have been disrupted. However, after 2021 the colleges are back on track. Many colleges have a massive shortage of students and are eagerly awaiting foreign students. This is a great time to apply as the competition is lower. Full vaccination is a must to travel abroad. FDA approved vaccines are now available in India. These vaccines are recognised everywhere.


Planning for long term is a better way to apply. We carefully check with the job prospects in the destination country before referring any course and university.

Here’s how we plan for long term success of our students studying abroad:

  1. We use our on-ground network to understand the current and upcoming trends in the job market

  2. Regular research on the most sought after courses

  3. Understanding strengths in the student profile to increase admits

Talk to us to clarify, understand and start working towards your studies abroad.


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